Saturday, February 2, 2013

Homemade Coffee Creamers

I do not drink coffee, but my husband does.  My husband used to use this white powdery flavored coffee creamer in his coffee....that was until I looked at the ingredient label on it!  Of the TWELVE ingredients listed....the first three are: refined sugar, hydrogenated oils, and corn syrup!!!!  Those three ingredients are followed by nine other ingredients that have long names that I can hardly pronounce, much less know what they are (red flags!!!).  

When I discovered this, I told my husband we needed to clean up his coffee and it was time for me to do my research.  As always he said, "let's do it" and that he was willing to make another change.  On a side note, my super sweet husband has been so supportive of all the changes we've been making, which has made the transitions so much easier.  It probably helps that he feels better than ever since making these changes and is a stronger runner than he has been in years (which he claims is partly due to these dietary changes we've made!).  

Fortunately, days after realizing we needed to change the coffee creamer my husband uses, I came across some homemade coffee creamer recipes on Deliciously Organic .  All twelve coffee creamer recipes sound delicious, but my husband is a French Vanilla fan, so that's the only one he was interested in trying, therefore, it's the only one we've been making.  Like I said, I don't drink coffee, but I did taste test the creamer and it is yummy!  My husband is enjoying this change in creamer and of course I am loving the fact that we've cut out yet another highly processed food that's loaded with preservatives and additives.  

The French Vanilla creamer we've been making  takes only minutes to throw together.  Also, we double the recipe, so it lasts longer.  Carrie Vitt (from Deliciously Organic) makes the suggestion that her creamers can be poured over hot oatmeal, which I haven't tried yet, but need to....I bet it would be scrumptious!  Also, let me mention that these creamer recipes call for whole milk and heavy cream.  I replaced the heavy cream with whole milk, therefore using only whole milk.  The reason I did this is because the heavy cream I found at the grocery store had additives where as the whole milk that we buy doesn't.  One additive that I noticed in many heavy creamers is Carrageenan.  I actually found this in many brands of soy and almond milks too.  It is used as a thickener in many products, so be on the lookout for this additive and I would suggest avoiding it.  From the research I have done, Carrageenan can be harmful to a person's health.  For now, using only whole milk works just fine, so we will stick with that.  

Just a reminder, when looking at ingredient labels, you wants a minimal number of ingredients (preferable 5 or less...not 12!).  Also, ask yourself if the ingredients listed are items you have in your kitchen.  I would guess most of us don't have dipotassium phosphate, or sodium aluminosilicate, or monosodium glutamate (I could go on and on) just sitting around in our kitchen!  

I've heard this many times and believe it to be can spend a little extra money now getting better quality, clean, REAL food and you will save money over a lifetime in medical expenses.  Wow, that's powerful!!!  Do you know what's is your coffee and what you are putting in your body?  Are you willing to put in the effort NOW to clean up your diet?  

I saw this today and I think it's so appropriate for today's post, so I'll close with this thought...TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY, SO IT CAN TAKE CARE OF YOU!


click here for HOMEMADE COFFEE CREAMER recipes:
(from: Deliciously Organic) 
-Cinnamon Strudel Creamer
-Chocolate Almond
-Pumpkin Spice
-French Vanilla
-Peppermint Mocha

click here for TWO MORE RECIPES from Deliciously Organic:
-Caramel Coffee Creamer
-Honey Vanilla Coffee Creamer

-Almond Joy Coffee Creamer
-Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Creamer
-French Vanilla Coffee Creamer
-Hazelnut Coffee Creamer
-Pumpkin Spice

The final product. 


  1. Thanks for letting me know you used all whole milk. I have recently stopped buying things that have Carrageenan in them. I will try making these.

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